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SMEs hit by impact of long Covid


Research from Unum UK show that more than one in three UK SMEs suffered a critical impact on finances and business success due to the effects of long Covid. The survey of 1,055 SMEs found that 45% reported at least one staff member had been diagnosed with Covid-19, while 35% had an employee report symptoms of long Covid. A third of SMEs that had a staff contract Covid-19 said it had a “critical” impact, defined as “substantial financial loss and the success of the business has been seriously damaged.” This rose to 38% among firms where staff were affected by long-term symptoms of coronavirus, with a further 36% reporting a “significant” impact on the business. Only 6% and 8% of SMEs recorded a “critical” impact where there were no Covid diagnoses or long Covid symptoms, respectively. The research found that 56% of SMEs feel that the pandemic has led to new work-related mental health risks among employees, while 43% said it had led to new work-related physical health risks.


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