Below is a selection of our client testimonials. You can also watch this short video for an overview of their feedback on our services:

Rock City Crew

After speaking to Dave initially and meeting up later we found him professional, experienced and patient, everything was explained in detail, we were allocated a manager that saw us through each step of the transactions step by step, always available at the end of the phone for any questions

We would recommend Dave and his team to others, and look forward to working with Balance for Business in the future.

-Toby Short, Director, Rock City Crew



The Terrace Cafe 

Balance for Business gave me a range of options to choose from when I needed a short-term cash flow loan. The team are the local specialists who help SMEs make sense of the vast range of funding options available, they connected me with a lender, allowing a long term relationship to be built. I would highly recommend Balance for Business to anyone looking for an injection of capital into their business. They are always my first port of call when planning a new project.

– Lloyd Inwood, The Terrace Cafe


Yorkshire Building Society

Balance for Business is an integral part of the South West Region finance community who have kept abreast of the various changes in the appetite of funders during 2020. To achieve this it is acknowledged that a significant amount of time is invested by the team in networking and product knowledge self-development They put the client at the heart of their interactions sourcing appropriate and specialist funding to meet their clients needs. Client’s that have been introduced to me hold Dave Ottley & his team in high regard and see us (the funder) as a trusted partner in the transaction. The client is aware that to meet their specific/complex needs , they may require a blend of funders and this is where Dave & the team excel in bringing the deal team together seamlessly, exceeding the clients expectations

– Allan Griffiths, Regional Director, Yorkshire Building Society


The support I received from Balance for Business was second to none. We utilised their services for cash flow funding for business expansion and the information they provided was straight forward and helped us make the right decision for the business. Dave and his team exceeded my expectations and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.
 -Sebastian Wood, Founder Director, Nexpay

Grand Prix Express

The service received from Balance for Business was exceptional and professional from the very first call I made with David Ottley. Their advice was solid and built on their years of expertise in the field.

They acquired information and ensured all was vetted prior to submission, allowing us the best opportunity for a first time presentation to potential funders. I would have no hesitation in recommending Balance for Business, who provide a first class service with great communication with e-mail and phone calls, keeping the customer informed and advised all the way through the process. 

Balance for Business sourced funders to allow our business expansion to take effect to help improve our operation and services we provide. I now have an excellent working relationship with all the team at Balance for Business and I’m sure I’ll be in touch again should the need arise.

– Russell Godwin, Managing Director, Grand Prix Express








Sovereign Park Homes

Balance for Business offered and supplied my business with a first class service throughout. Working with Balance has made the whole process much less stressful. Alongside their service, their work ethic and support is brilliant. I get on very well with both Dave Ottley and his Balance for Business team. I would definitely recommend their services for anyone looking for business funding.

Jeff SmallDirectorSovereign Park Homes

Ride Property

Balance for Business carried out a professional, efficient and excellent service for us here at Ride Property. In fact, we have already recommended Dave and his team to several other colleagues based on their outstanding principles and values as a business. Working with the team has really opened our eyes to understand the depths of commercial finance and how it can really help every business. Balance will continue to be a long-standing commercial broker of ours, as we truly see them as a key element in our power team.

– Lucy Ingram, Director, Ride Property


Fineline Carpentry & Building

We are new to this process but the team at Balance for Business were extremely patient and helpful when explaining things to us. Their experts were helpful, patient, knowledgeable and relaxed – a great combination! That is why I would definitely recommend them if you are looking to use a commercial finance broker for the first time.

– Michael DeiCommercial Manager, Fineline Carpentry & Building

 Louise Lewis 

I am very happy with the service received throughout the entire transaction by the guys at Balance. Communication was completely clear and professional. I trust Balance for Business explicitly, which is a relationship in this particular industry that is hard to find! I look forward to the future together

-Sophie Morbey, Director, Louise Lewis Property


 Metro Bank

David and his highly experienced team have been great to work with, providing expertise to businesses from across a range of specialisms, including Healthcare, Hotel & Leisure Caravan Parks and Manufacturing,  Real Estate and Development Finance. Their customer-focussed outlook complements our own approach and I look forward to continuing to work closely with them in the future.

-Kevin Higgins, Commercial Banking Director, West Region, Metro Bank


Masthaven Bank

Dave and the team at Balance for Business are the true definition of commercial finance specialist distributors. Dealing with clients ranging in size and scope, there is not a deal that they cannot place. 

Whether it be a £30,000 invoice finance deal for a 2 man band or a £5,000,000 commercial deal for a 100 person strong firm they ensure that each client gets the right deal at the right cost.

In this arena, experience is everything. Whether it be experience in the industry that their client is dealing in, or experience to know multiple different lenders criteria, Dave and his team champion the phrase “people buy from people”.

Here at Masthaven, we have dealt with Balance for Business for a number of years in various short term funding and commercial deals, each of them different. 

What sets them aside from other introducers to Masthaven is their attention to detail and determination to get the right deal for their client to fulfil their needs.

Communication is clear and concise and they work with us and the client, often over and above the call of duty (late nights and weekends), to ensure that the resolution of the deal is the right one for all parties.

I have personally spoken to many of Dave’s clients and can honestly say that I know of no other broker in the South West that does a better all round job for his clients.

-Richard Deacon, Sales Director, Masthaven Bank


Black Buttons Property Management Limited

“I have been very pleased with the service I have had including the on-going support. I was put in touch with Balance for Business by my financial advisor and it has been a positive relationship.”

– Stuart Greaves, Black Buttons Property Management Limited

Taylor Street Solicitors LLP

I have no hesitation whatsoever in supporting Balance for Business and thoroughly commending them for their shortlisting as ‘Commercial Finance Specialists Distributor of the Year’ award.

I am the founding Principal in one of the larger Criminal Defence practices in England and Wales, a sector that has faced considerable downward pressure on fees over many years due to cuts to the Legal Aid budget. As a result of this pressure, the firm has faced a number of financial challenges over the years.

Following a recommendation from my Accountants, I worked closely with both the Managing Director, Dave Ottley, and the Commercial Manager, Paul Newman. Their approach was practical, reassuring and thoroughly professional throughout.  I was regularly updated, and naturally, being a lawyer, I wanted to understand what was possible, what might be difficult to achieve and what paths could be available to maximise my chances of achieving a desirable result. During my numerous questions, I felt supported, informed, and never felt as if I was taking up too much of their time or being any bother. The processes and procedures were carefully explained and mapped out, and I felt thoroughly supported.

Balance seemed genuinely fired up by the chance to help, a trait that I try to inspire with my own professional staff. Their wealth of experience within the Banking Sector was evident and their customer care was exemplary.

The result was better than I dared hope, but the journey itself, whilst through an unfamiliar territory for me professionally, felt as if I had a team of knowledgeable guides upon whom I could rely and who thoroughly deserved the faith that I placed in them. I was gently guided into a position of knowledge where the decisions that I eventually took were fully informed.

I have no hesitation whatsoever in commending Balance for Business. The service that I received during this uncertain time was, in my professional view, second to none.

-Philip J Street, Principle, Taylor Street Solicitors LLP 

Fix Auto Plymouth

We have worked with the team at Balance for Business a number of times, utilising their services for cashflow, lease options, banking options and funding for business expansion.

Whatever the reason for utilising their services, we find that they give a balanced practical view on the options available and provide straightforward information, so that the correct decision can be made for the business.

For example, we tasked Balance for Business with a review of our banking services, which includes Commercial Finance. A number of service providers were approached, with all the detail being provided to us. 

A number of meetings were set up with potential new providers, and chaired by Balance for Business so that we did not get lost in the technical terms. 

Ultimately, they actually obtained a much better arrangement with our current bank, which also negated the inconvenience of having to change all of our business banking arrangements.”

-Daryll Cain, Managing Director, Fix Auto Plymouth



Redwood Bank 

”Balance for Business supply a level of detail in their enquiries which shows they fully understand the client and this in turn helps me to fully understand the background of the individuals/business. By doing so it means that my response can be quicker and is likely to be more positive. An example being a business park case we completed which had a variety of tenants, the information provided by Sue Pengelly meant I could navigate the detail and between us we put together a deal that worked for the client as was able to be supported by the bank.”

-Rob Bowering, Business Development Manager, Redwood Bank


Bright Solicitors

“We have worked closely with Balance for Business for a number of years.  We have very much enjoyed working with them as it feels like a team effort where we are both working together for the benefit of the client.  

I have found their entire team extremely approachable, friendly and professional. I have referred work to them in the full knowledge that my client will receive the best possible advice and they have never let me down.  

They are well led by David and Gary and more than ably supported by the rest of the team. They have also carried out work for us personally and without them some of what we have achieved would certainly not have happened so smoothly as it did.”

Andy Price, Partner, Bright Solicitors


Eponymous Properties Limited

“Balance for Business  provided an excellent service throughout a somewhat arduous refinancing project.

Undoubtedly I would recommend their services. The adage that “There is many a slip betwixt cup and lip” is all too true when it comes to the world of finance. Balance for Business ensured that we successfully navigated our way through the administrative process having sourced a suitable facility for the business.

Funding is a crucial requirement for our business and we are now in a position to move forward with improved cash flow and further funding for future investment.

Our relationship with Balance for Business is excellent. They understand the business and see the bigger picture.”

-Jim Coventry, Managing Director, Eponymous Properties Limited

Lloyds Bank Business Development Team

Have worked with Dave and team @ Balance for Business for many years. In 2018 just like previous years the coloration and detail provided when presenting commercial finance enquiries are so well presented (including the supporting information) that it makes our lives so much easier to be able to assess and provide a full reply 1st time round rather than going back and forth. This is so refreshing

Dave’s knowledge and expertise in the commercial banking sector is exemplary – I know that his clients speak very highly of him as do I. His experience in the industry whether commercial funding is term based, for working capital solutions or for HP solutions makes him (and his colleagues) an absolute pleasure to work with.

– Phil Wilkes, Business Development Manager, Lloyds Bank Business Development Team

T&J Wrathall

“Balance for Business definitely delivered to my expectations. Through their continuous negotiating they found me a bridging loan for my business and because of this, I would use them again. In fact, I have already recommended Balance for Business to a couple of people and one of those has already met with Balance to discuss their options. This is not my first time using Balance for Business and I can assure you I will be using them again in the future. I admire how easy they make the process and you simply tell them what you need and they provide you with an uncomplicated solution. A great business connection.”

– Tony, T&J Wrathall

Data Talks Limited

“Balance for Business helped me with the refinancing of 7 properties. My expectations were exceeded not only by the delivery of results but by the professional and friendly relationship we had. Balance’s mentality was similar to a “dog with a bone”, with regard to following up tenaciously to drive us through the process with speed and efficiency. Certainly, in terms of giving you the result you want, they were excellent. I cannot express enough the positivity Dave Ottley had, especially in regards to the sensitivity to handling my situation. For these reasons, I would definitely recommend Balance for Business.”

– Joolz, Data Talks Limited

Property Investor

As a customer of B4B for several years, both as an individual and also with my business partner in our shared company, I have always felt a valued customer at all times.


The service is very professional and thorough and I get good personal service from a team of select people whom I entrust my total financial requirements to.


I have recommended them on several occasions to other investors I know.


I wish ongoing success and recognition to them, and I look forward to many more years as a valued customer.

– Paul Mackie, Property Investor

Lloyds Banking Group

“Dave has a real passion for supporting his clients not only in terms of access to finance but also in working through their business and strategic plans. He is highly motivated and determined with a strong network he can engage in order to support his clients. It is always a pleasure to work with Dave.”

– David Beaumont, Regional Director SME Banking – Bristol & South West, Lloyds Banking Group

JHF (1985) Limited

Balance for Business found the correct product for my needs and provided me with clear information, keeping me informed at all times. I was very happy with the way they answered any queries I had. They provide an excellent service as well as full communication throughout the process.

Ash Widdecombe, Director, JHF (1985) Limited

Fuel Communications

“We enlisted expert support from Balance to bring more working capital into the business to help fund the next phase of our growth.  

By listening carefully to our position – expansion into London and a growing international client base, Dave recognised that we needed to restructure our banking facilities which had been in place since starting up in 2008.  In addition, he recommended the introduction of an invoice finance facility to bring more cash into the business and reduce the risks posed to us by working with larger organisations who often insist upon longer credit terms.

Whilst we feel that Dave and his support team have provided us with exceptional advice and support throughout what has been a short process, we think it is worth mentioning the view of our relationship manager at the bank who said we “provided absolutely first class financial information” which made his decision “simple”. He also said that the advice we received was “spot on”. That was thanks to Balance’s intricate knowledge of the decision making process within the banks and getting us to understand that we need to be fit to borrow.”

Martyn King, Managing Director, Fuel Communications


“Balance for Business helped us with raising a loan to fund growth and to negotiate better Invoice Finance terms to help us manage cashflow. In both cases, they helped us achieve exactly what we needed within a better than expected timeframe

I would recommend them because as above, they exceeded expectation for a very reasonable cost and were very helpful and communicative throughout the process.

It has helped us greatly given that we needed extra funds to invest in a new office and new hires to help facilitate our growth and success. They have also helped us find the most cost effective solution to managing cashflow which has become more challenging as we have grown. The long term cost savings on fees and more efficient processes are a huge benefit

Our relationship with Balance for Business is excellent. Many businesses see you as a number and try to charge or sell you  as much as they can. Balance for Business understood my needs and provided the right advice and help which was not always the most profitable for them. They also keep me informed on what is happening in the industry which is very useful.  I have really appreciated the personal touch and find them a pleasure to to work with.”

– Marwan Abdo, Managing Director UK Finance & Ops, Magentys


“Working with Dave is a delight: not only expert and knowledgable but friendly, open and a trusted advisor any business would be glad to have in their corner.”

– Niki Rosenbaum, Cultural Director, Bastows




Eponymous Properties Limited

“Balance for Business have delivered to expectation yet again and have been very thorough and professional throughout the process. Working with them has enabled the business to acquire the right level of funding on competitive terms to aid future cash flow.

We’ve done 3 or 4 deals with Balance for Business now and maintain a great relationship with them. As such, I’d recommend their service because they’re able to source the right deal and help take it through to completion.”

Jim Coventry, Managing Director, Eponymous Properties Limited

Professional Investment Group

Working with Balance for Business has been a pleasure. They ensured that the transaction went very smoothly and completed in record time. Dave Ottley and Paul Newman are a great team and nothing is too much trouble. They should definitely be part of your power team to help grow your business.

-Angelos Sanders, Managing Director, Professional Investment Group

Eastleigh Care Home Group

“Dave Ottley and Balance for Business have recently helped us to review our Group banking facilities and as a result of hard work and excellent knowledge of the sector they have managed to negotiate superb terms, exceeding our expectations. The funds saved have been used to continue to grow our business and enable future projects.

The team at Balance for Business is always extremely helpful, with all advice and work being carried out in a timely manner. Dave has a huge network of connections and through introductions that he has made to us we have built other strong working relationships.

We highly recommend the services of Balance for Business and will definitely instruct them again in the future.”

-Kayleigh Kelland, Group Finance Director, Eastleigh Care Home Group

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