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Don’t get caught out by high processing fees, let a Merchant Broker take of the hard work so you can start saving.


Card processing fees can be complicated and somewhat overwhelming. We understand that as a business owner you may not have the time or inclination to look into every facet of this area, but it’s definitely something that you shouldn’t overlook! As a Merchant Broker we’re able to save you thousands of pounds per year with our knowledge and partnerships in this area.


If you think you’re paying too much for processing fees then you should read on. We can help improve price, service and drive down your card processing fees.

How we can help as a Merchant Broker


As a Merchant Broker we help provide a vital link between your business, the banks and software/hardware providers. We can help provide the best and most cost effective solution for you and your business.


Typical to our approach, we have partnered with leading Merchant Management provider nexpay, who are trusted by many leading high street brands including the largest independent salon chain on the globe. Our partnership enables us to provide you and your business an unrivalled services that can really boost your bottom line.


To give you an example of the potential savings to be had, one of our clients enjoyed a major yearly saving thanks to our reviewing system and partnership with nexpay. After reviewing Headland Hotels accounts we’re proud to say that they have saved £6,876 per annum, a very pleasing addition to their bottom line!


If you run an SME it’s worth considering that cash is becoming a thing of the past, as 62% of the UK’s SME’s are reliant on card terminals. With this trend only set to grow further, can you really afford to be overpaying for your processing fees?


Want to find out how we can save you money?


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What we do as a Merchant Broker


Our initial reviews are conducted to analyse and understand your card processing fees, account structure and hardware.

Once established, our consultants provide you with a detailed report and work with you and/or other 3rd party providers towards an implementation strategy.



We provide a fully managed service throughout set up, ensuring a smooth transition without any down time.

Our admin team will take care of your applications, paperwork and organising of any hardware/software to be delivered and installed with 1st line support, every step of the way.



Our data analysts are constantly reviewing and comparing tariffs on the market ensuring you are provided with the most advantageous pricing.

Our proactive approach to client relationships means in the event of market conditions changing, we will automatically contact you to discuss the effects, options and any potential of further savings.


What you get

Reviewing your account on a monthly basis against market and industry changes, we send you monthly reports containing in depth reporting and evidencing savings.

These transparent reports will show you key data ranging from monthly tariff comparisons through to how your consumers are spending as part of our data analysis.


What are Card Payment Processing Fees?

For every credit and debit card payment made in the UK, there are a number of parties involved throughout a transaction. View these as the financial “middlemen” between a customer and merchant. Whilst there are a number of different parties, the merchant pays their fees to the credit card processor. Our job as a Merchant Broker is to source and provide the best deal for you.


Who are the financial parties involved?

  • Merchant Account Providers
  • Payment Gateways
  • Credit Card Processors
  • Credit Card Associations
  • Credit Card Issuing Banks

What types of card payment fees are there?

Merchant Service Charge

The charge on every credit or debit transaction you accept.


Terminal Hire

The rental charge for your chip and PIN machine.


Authorisation Fees

The additional charge for every authorisation on every transaction.


Minimum Monthly Service Charge

A charge levied if your transactions fall below a certain level.


Set Up Fees

A (sometimes avoidable) one-off fixed fee for the installation of new merchant facilities.


Chargeback Fees

An administrative fee charged every time a cardholder requests a chargeback.


PCI Compliance Fee

An admin fee for completion of your annual PCI Self Certification Questionnaire and compliance certificate.


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