Developer Exit Loan

Over the past few years, property developers have been busy converting & producing properties throughout the UK, to meet with the increasing demand for housing. Developers play a vital role in meeting the housing requirements and often want to move straight from one project onto their next – The question is “How can this be achieved ?”


Funders have become more innovative over the past few years to meet the needs of our investors/developers, who are looking to release their cash tied up at the end of development, for a new venture and this can be restrained by the timescales of the completed properties selling & completing.


By using a Developer Exit Loan, this cash that has been tied up, can be quickly released and allow the future projects to begin


Indicative Loan Product Details


  • Up to 75% loan to value on the completed property/properties.
  • Up to an 18 month term.
  • Interest accrued can either be “rolled up” to the loan or serviced on a monthly basis.
  • Lenders Arrangement Fee is added to the loan.
  • Same day decisions on indicative offers of funding
  • Market leading interest rates & fees

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