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A quick 3 point funding update

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Are you currently looking at your funding options?

We’ve got you covered!

– We now have access to funding for HMRC payments at extremely competitive pricing. This can fund VAT, PAYE & Corporation Tax bills and will not appear as HMRC arrears when funders assess lending requirements. 

– We have access to the most competitive short term/bridging loans in the UK, with rates from 0.43% per month & this can include light refurbishment projects! – When you consider that 12 months ago, the average bridging rate was closer to 1% to 1.25%, short term funding is now massively competitive and appealing.

– We have also sourced a business finance lender who is providing short/medium term asset secured funding for between £50k to £3m – All assets (including stock, plant & machinery, property etc) will be considered and they will provide a Interest Only option (including roll-up) – Add in an average turnaround on deals for 5-7 days and it is a real winner.

We continue to source the most competitive & flexible products, so call or email us with any questions or enquiries: 01752 227 966

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