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Amazing new refurbishment funding product launched for investors!

If you’re looking for new refurbishment funding this lending opportunity should be considered!

On new property purchases, in addition to borrowing 75% LTV against the lower of Day 1 purchase price or value, our funder allows applicants to now borrow up to 100% of the refurbishment costs on a single larger facility, with funds released on day one and no stage drawdown required.

Basic guidelines:

  • Loan may not exceed either 85% LTV against the lower of Day 1 purchase price or value, OR, 70% of GDV or after works value (whichever is lower)
  • All funds advanced to borrower on Day 1
  • No QS required, just an interim inspection at the end of month 3
  • Available on light refurbishment projects across residential and semi-commercial security
  • Ability to capital raise and refinance, once the works are complete on to a term solution with no fee !!!

If your next project involves a refurb, this product could work really well for you! To find out more, please call Dave Ottley on 07747 444504 or email

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