Crowdfunding & Peer to Peer Lending


How does this type of funding work?


Since the issues caused by the financial crisis and subsequent recession, traditional lenders have found it challenging to meet the needs of businesses in the UK. As a result many new and innovative funding options have become readily available from a variety of new lenders.


Essentially these new funders are backed by individuals, investment companies and large financial institutions, who are looking to provide their investors with a good rate of return on the deposits given to them to invest.


These new funders cover all sectors including property, cashflow and asset finance, aiming  to provide a quick and efficient service to their clients to match their requirements for funding. Whilst all applications are still subject to credit approval, valuation and completion of any required legal process, these new funders often offer more innovative and less restrictive terms. This is making deals happen where the traditional banks are finding it a challenge to provide.


There are a large number of these new funders available and terms vary tremendously, so feel free to call us to discuss the ways in which these types of funding can help you & your business move forward.


We can help you with:

Initial research into the market place and the options available to you.


Building a proposition to take care to our panel of lenders, including supporting documents such as property schedules, tenancy agreements etc.
Driving through the application and credit approval stages to get as many offers as possible for you.


Managing the process from enquiry stage right through to the final draw down of funds. Ongoing reporting requirements such as providing management information or monitoring covenant levels, as well as monitoring the markets to monitor spot re-brokering opportunities


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