Cash a thing of the past for 62 per cent of UK SMEs

The AA launches into the card payments market today to deliver a better deal to the 62 per cent of SMEs that are reliant on card terminals but experience problems, and the 26 per cent that have difficulty managing payments with cash.

The AA’s move comes at a time when the majority of SMEs (62 per cent) say that cash no longer features as a percentage of their total sales, with 17 per cent saying it now represents less than 10 per cent of their predicted sales for the next six months. The growing disconnection with cash is reinforced by a new consumer poll for the AA which reveals that a staggering 83 per cent of consumers are unable to recall which famous person is featured on the back of a £20 note.

Nationally, the AA will help small business owners to secure a better deal at a time when few SMEs can operate without a card payment terminal but frequently question the service they get.

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