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Our Unique Approach

As commercial finance brokers, Balance for Business Limited is a member of the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers who are authorised & regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.  Whilst we are not a principal lender, we source funds for our clients from an extensive panel of banks and other financial institutions to ensure you get the most appropriate deal.


If you are running a business that already borrows money for property deals, cashflow finance or any number of other funding projects, we will be able to help you.


Whilst you of course want to borrow at competitive rates, you also want a funder that is keen to help and willing to lend where appropriate. Sadly for many in these most difficult times, it feels as if customer care is being lost and service levels have dropped, the banks being keener to get money back than to lend. As a result many are finding it increasingly difficult to properly fund their business and certainly finding it hard to finance any growth plans. Many are also anxious of approaching their banks through fear of a negative reaction, especially with the current & unprecedented situation in the UK economy.


Over the past few years the ways in which funders operate has changed dramatically, with many new funders, new products & innovative funding solutions becoming readily available. More recently this has been affected even more and access to funding is now more challenging than ever before.


Take advantage of our unique Funding Appraisal Options, which give you a totally independent review of the options open to you.


We can help you with:

  • Initial research into the independent funding market place and finding the most suitable and competitive options available.
  • Building a proposition to take to one or more lenders, including supporting documents such as business plans and the financial forecasts etc.
  • Driving through the application and credit approval stages to get as many forms of funding and as many competitive offers as possible for you to consider.
  • Managing the process from enquiry stage right through to the final draw down of funds.
  • Ongoing reporting requirements such as providing management information or monitoring covenant levels, as well as monitoring the markets to monitor / spot re-brokering opportunities.

We look to get our clients “Fit to Borrow” and anticipate exactly what the banks & lenders are looking for, ensuring that when you put in your request for funding, it is oven ready for approval and onward completion.

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